Michael Feare

A rising executive with underhanded tendencies and an unhealthy hunger for respect and recognition


Core Attributes

STR: d6
AGI: d4
VIG: d4
INT: d8
WIS: d6
CHA: d10
SPI: d6

Derived Characteristics

Corruption: 0
Notoriety: +6
Pace: 6 paces
Parry: 2
Sanity: 5
Toughness: 4


Athletics (STR) d4-2 Inept
Driving (AGI) d4 Fair
Fighting (AGI) d4-2 Inept
Guts (SPI) d4 Fair
Heal (WIS) d4-2 Inept
Insight (WIS) d6 Good
Intimidate (SPI) d6 Good
Manipulation (AGI) d4 Fair
Navigate (WIS) d4 Fair
Perception (WIS) d6 Good
Persuade (CHA) d10 Excellent
Repair (INT) d4-2 Inept
Research (INT) d4 Fair
Shooting (AGI) d4 Fair
Stealth (AGI) d4 Fair
Streetwise (WIS) d4 Fair
Taunt (INT) d8 Great

Specialties and Defining Interests

Language (Spanish)

Hindrances and Edges

Hindrance: Obligations (minor) – Feare is obligated to his detective business, and must spend time on the administrative side of the job or suffer consequences.
Hindrance: Glass Jaw (minor) – Not the fighting type, Feare would rather solve problems diplomatically/deceptively. He suffers -2 on all Vigor checks made to soak damage.

Edge: Executive Fervor: Feare employs leadership over his operatives. Feare detectives receive +1 on Research and Streetwise rolls on cases when briefed by Feare.

Experience Progression

Gumshoe (0): Starting edge and hindrances
5: Insight d6, Intimidate d4
10: Taunt d8, Intimidate d6
15: CHA d10
Operative: Persuade d10, Navigate d4


Gender: Male
Age: 30 (DOB: March 15, 1905)
Origin: San Diego, California
Current Residence: Los Angeles, California
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 165
Profession: Chief executive of Feare Observational Services
Religion: Non-religious (Roman Catholic when appropriate)
Education: San Diego State University (Business)
Description: Clean, well-dressed, well-groomed. Smells faintly of smooth cologne when appropriate. Michael’s hair is nearly black and displays the waxy sheen of pomade. His earlobes are attached to his clean-shaven face.

Michael Feare


Born into a wealthy family, Michael Alan Feare grew up in an upscale environment in San Diego, California. Michael’s immediate family reaped the ripe fruits of his father’s career as chief financial officer for General Electric. Michael experienced a fortunate childhood. He went to fine schools, and even went on to enroll in SDSU. He graduated with a business degree in 1927. It never appeared that this achievement meant much in the eyes of his parents, who were more enamored with his older brother’s more unique accomplishments as a chemist, and his younger sister’s future in fashion modeling.

Michael made ambitions to start a telephone company with a close peer thereafter (initially paid for by his father), but the spindly operation lost what little reputation it had when his partner plagiarized a product’s design from another inventor. Michael’s father cut off all remaining financial support at that time, and suggested that his son should now be responsible for his own stability entirely. Michael took various jobs in local businesses before the Depression hit. He lost the remaining job he had and for a brief time was nearly broke. His uncle Edward, a resident of Los Angeles and small (but respected) business owner himself, invited the then jobless Michael to move to the City of Angels.

Edward gave him an apartment after Michael moved to L.A.. Michael helped his uncle get around, in exchange for the living space. Not long after his nephew relocated, Edward began discussing the prospect of Michael co-handling his business. At 65, Edward was becoming less able to work because of his declining health. This idea surely sparked Michael’s interest, who desired a lucrative-enough job and a respectful position. Edward would help his nephew run with his agency, and if things went well for Michael, he would become the sole owner of the company. This arrangement was soon in agreement.

Michael was already educated enough to handle basic business procedures, but Edward was persistent in teaching his nephew the streets and of the people around L.A., as well as other devices he had learned over the years. He led Michael through the initial stages of managing things, but after a year or so he could no longer leave his home for long periods of time. In November 1932, Michael gained full control over the business, and hired a caretaker for his uncle.

Initially, the agency brought in an amount of money that left something to be desired. Michael, who now had complete control over his new company, became ambitious. He wanted to establish ‘Feare Observational Services’ as more of a diverse company, a reliable one that offered many different types of investigative services. Michael made several changes to his uncle’s way of operating things, chiefly adding more business functions and extending the company’s physical range as well. Michael pushed beyond normal business protocol, cultivating the idea of using certain criminal sources to help his business and solve cases more efficiently.

These outside sources were a few various connections Michael earned while out on business or leisure. Out of happenstance, social strategy, and favors, Michael accumulated a list of various 3rd party operatives. These operatives had various functions, but most were willing to help Michael outside of the law if the right price was met or a favor was owed. All of their actions were done under the city’s nose, unless a client suggested certain courses of action be taken (and a then after a circumspect background check and observation was done on that client). Michael’s contact list began accumulating strange and unsavory people.

These changes led to more clients being satisfied and ’Feare’s reputation growing as a more acclaimed organization. Michael’s detectives even embarrassed James “Two Guns” Davis – the police chief of the LAPD – when they cracked a major racketeering problem in the city last year. James Davis was mutually backing an up-and-coming mayoral candidate for a budget increase if his force could support the mayor’s promises to greatly decrease crime in L.A., when Feare’s detectives found a critical oversight made by the LAPD while also working on the same problem, making the police look foolish. The man running for office then won the election and didn’t follow up on the pay increase promises due to Davis’ failure. Michael subsequently earned the animosity of police chief Davis.

However, recent times have proven harder for the company. The few actual agents that Michael kept employed began to leave for various reasons, until one remained. Michael then did research on various detectives from elsewhere, looking to hire some fresh faces who weren’t from around L.A.. He found interest in one Philip Marlowe and one Mason Graves, who both garnered a reputation for skill and professionalism over their relatively short careers. To make sure he got them in the bag before any competition did, he connected with both to offer them lucrative positions in his company. The jobs were accepted, despite Feare knowing he wasn’t actually capable of paying the uncommonly high salaries he offered them…

Other family

His older brother is a “brilliant” chemist who works for the U.S. military in Nevada. Michael also has a younger sister; She married a director who works for AT&T, settled in Fresno, and concentrated on her modeling career. Because Michael lives closest to his parents, he sees them more often than his brother and sister do. His parents are adept at reminding Michael of his brother and sister’s prosperity, despite the Depression.

Personal Life

Michael is married to Alice Feare, whom he was introduced to by a friend at a nightclub in 1932. The couple married after only 10 months of knowing one another. Michael and Alice live together in L.A.. They have no children.


Black 1932 Crystler Roadster (seats three max)

Luger p08 9×19 Parabellum (which he has never had to use aside from basic training). The slide, trigger guard, muzzle, etc. are all a matte black. The grip is dusty-brown. Feare carries the weapon in a shoulder holster so he can retrieve the weapon from inside his jacket if absolutely necessary.

List of Contacts
John Deggan
Bryce Eldridge
Steven Wallace


Michael Feare

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