The purpose of law is to be wielded as a sacred saber in the hands of justice, but what happens when corruption and dissidence wither those hands? The people are left vulnerable unless men take it upon themselves to bear a shield until they regain the ability to wield the law. The men that take up this shield may do so for the well-being of the people, but some men bear it for the well-being of themselves.

In late September 1935, Philip Marlowe and Mason Graves walk up to the door of ‘Feare Observational Services’. In their dusty suit pockets they carry similar notes containing two lucrative job offers from the man inside.

The City of a Thousand Crimes is a noir/historical fiction/weird horror homebrew campaign for the Savage Worlds system. Thousand Crimes is focused on a group of private investigators located in Los Angeles.

The City of a Thousand Crimes

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