This list will expand as the agency travels throughout the city.

Commercial locales

  • Feare Observational Services: The detectives’ office. A small office located a few minutes drive off of Main Street. Located directly above a cigar shop.
  • Howard’s: Diner where Feare’s detectives get food, and where Big Don works. Directly across the street from the office (on opposing corners, respectively). Excellent donuts and coffee.
  • The Voyeur: A fairly upscale nightclub located in the greater L.A. area. This is where Michael met Alice, and also where Alice used to work as a performer. The nightclub is owned and operated by Steven Wallace.

Governmental locales

  • Northeast Los Angeles Morgue: Morgue that John and Phillip visited to view a body that may have been tied to the most recent case. Louis Weston works nights there.
  • U.C.L.A Campus: The agency went to the campus to speak with Professor Hersteller about the case.
  • City Hall: The agency was granted medals on the steps of city hall by the mayor.

Industrial locales

Residential locales

  • John McKenzie’s Loft: Located on 7734 Jefferson Avenue, Hawthorne, Los Angeles, California. John’s ramshackle loft is situated above an unused warehouse. The living space is a single room, with most of the innards in disarray. The walls are stained, the flooring is uneven, and the room just feels gritty in general. The killing of Luther and Tom O’Malley at the hands of John took place here on September 24, 1935. “Harvey” was called thereafter to clean up.
  • Cindy’s Apartment: The location was given to them by Cindy when she gave them the most recent case. She lives in a rundown apartment building in the Irish territory.
  • Victor Von Wall’s: A nice house on a nicer street in the heart of Burbank, Los Angeles, CA. The agency visited and no one was home. John broke in after killing an attack dog in the backyard and found it completely dark and barren except for a few furnishings and a newspaper in German laying on the only table in the house.

Miscellaneous locales


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