Los Angeles overview – main streets and districts – Updated 10-Oct-2012

Locations are color-coded and listed in order of in-game discovery (the higher the number the more recently the locale was discovered in-game). Not all street locations visited are marked on the map, but most are.

Map key:

Blue – PC locations
Red – Residential locations
Orange – Commercial locations
Green – Governmental locations

PC locations

1. Feare Observational Services
2. Michael and Alice Feare’s apartment
3. Philip Marlowe’s apartment
4. John McKenzie’s loft

Residential locations

1. Cindy’s apartment
2. Victor Von Wall’s (supposed) house (In Ventura, CA)

Commercial locations

1. Howard’s restaurant
2. The Voyeur nightclub

Governmental locations

1. Northeast Los Angeles Morgue
2. City Hall


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