House Rules

Core Attributes

Ability scores have been altered. At character creation, you receive 7 points to distribute among these instead of 5. Not much to explain but here goes:

Strength – As normal.

Agility – As normal.

Vigor – As normal.

Intelligence – Replaces Smarts. Mental calculation, agility, and retention.

Wisdom – Replaces Smarts. Awareness, intuition, senses, etc.

Charisma – Replaces derived charisma. Personal charm, magnetism, attractiveness, etc.

Spirit – As normal, but spirit no longer umbrellas over charisma and wisdom. Spirit now represents willpower and the more abstract parts of a character (such as power and aura).


Skills have been consolidated. Skills that won’t likely see enough use were either combined into other skills or fall under specialties/defining interests. Those specializations and interests add mechanical bonuses to common knowledge rolls and ability checks relevant to the interest (generally +2).

Athletics – Climbing, swimming, jumping, sprinting, etc.

Driving – Performing risky feats while behind the wheel. Normal driving requires no roll.

Fighting – Hand-to-hand combat skill. Weapon proficiency is covered mostly through role-playing.

Guts – Stomaching horror and similar stressors.

Heal – First aid, long-term care, etc. Tools are required.

Insight – Reading people, discerning the truth in words and actions, etc.

Intimidate – Scaring someone to get them to do what you want. Target often resents you after.

Manipulation – Physical manipulation, hand-eye coordination, etc.

Navigate – Finding one’s way, orienting location, etc.

Perception – Seeing, hearing, tasting, touch, spacial awareness, etc.

Persuade – Convincing someone to do something you want through charm. Argument sold separately.

Repair – Fix things. You generally need to know how these things work before you try to fix them.

Research – Find information effectively through books, articles, libraries, etc.

Shooting – Making sure projectiles meet their mark. Weapon proficiency is role-played, generally.

Stealth – Sneaking, hiding, muffling one’s voice or gestures, etc.

Streetwise – As research, but through socializing and combing the relevant culture.

Taunt – Distract, annoy, infuriate, and otherwise manipulation of a person’s ego for advantage.



John (now permitted by Mayor Shaw to carry handguns, shotguns, and semi-automatic rifles)

  • Webley Mk VI Revolver (.380" Revolver Mk IIz)
  • S&W Snubnosed Revolver (.38 special)
  • Trench Gun
  • Thompson submachine gun (.45 ACP)

Michael (can legally carry handguns)

  • Luger P08 (matte black, wooden handle, 9×19 mm Parabellum)

Philip (now permitted to carry handguns)

  • M1911 (.45 ACP)


  • late Model-T, once owned by John (uninsured and totaled)
  • 1931 Blue Chevrolet Coupe, Philip and Mason (uninsured and recently fixed up)
  • 1932 Black Chrysler Imperial, owned by Michael (in good condition and insured)


Michael: over 8,000 dollars in cash.

House Rules

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