Tom O'Malley

The brawn of the O'Malley family gang in L.A.


One of the two leaders of the O’Malley boys. He often handles the groundwork of the gang while his brother, Luther is more of the brains behind the gang. He is known for brutality and ability to hunt people down. Tom was involved in a very notable gun fight outside the Feare office on Sept. 22, 1935. Tom got away and would later break into Feare’s office two nights later with his brother, Luther. Tom’s left ear was heavily bandaged over and he was visibly fuming. It was revealed by Luther that Tom’s ear was cut off in retaliation for him providing subpar prostitutes to their dangerous German human trafficking customer (who was not named).

Luther would offer a very steep $10,000 deal with Feare and his detectives if they would provide security and help smuggle them out of L.A.. Feare accepted and he and his detectives drove the O’Malley brothers to John McKenzie’s loft. Tom was tortured for information via a stove burner and then killed by John via gunshot wound to the head after he blurted out the supposed location of the man the brothers were going to flee the city with.

Tom O'Malley

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