Philip Marlowe

A street-savvy detective, eager to put a crime-ridden L.A. up against the books and mend his damaged sanity


Core Attributes

STR: d4
AGI: d4
VIG: d4
INT: d8
WIS: d8
CHA: d8
SPI: d6

Derived Characteristics

Corruption: -0
Notoriety: +3
Pace: 6 paces
Parry: 2
Sanity: 5
Toughness: 4


Athletics (STR) d4-2 Inept
Driving (AGI) d4-2 Inept
Fighting (AGI) d4-2 Inept
Guts (SPI) d4 Fair
Heal (WIS) d4-2 Inept
Insight (WIS) d6 Good
Intimidate (SPI) d4-2 Inept
Manipulation (AGI) d4-2 Inept
Navigate (WIS) d4 Fair
Perception (WIS) d8(+2 with evidence) Great
Persuade (CHA) d8 Great
Repair (INT) d4 Fair
Research (INT) d8+2 Investigator
Shooting (AGI) d4 Fair
Stealth (AGI) d4 Fair
Streetwise (WIS) d8+2 Investigator
Taunt (INT) d4-2 Inept

Specialties and Defining Interests

  • Criminal Justice
  • Psychology
  • History
  • Anthropology

Hindrances and Edges


  • Bad Eyes (minor) : Marlowe suffered visual disturbances during his experience at Lancaster Ranch. He must wear glasses or suffer -2 on perception checks.
  • Delusional (minor) : Marlowe experiences minor hallucinations due to his experience at Lancaster Ranch. Certain things like bright lights may trigger or exacerbate this hindrance.


  • Investigator : Philip Marlowe is a trained private eye. He receives +2 to Research and Streetwise rolls. Marlowe also receives a situational +2 to Perception rolls when searching through evidence.

Experience Progression



Gender: Male
Age: 25 (DOB: June 22, 1910)
Origin: New York, NY
Current Residence: Los Angeles, California
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 155
Profession: Detective for ‘Feare Observational Services’
Religion: Roman Catholic
Education: City College of New York (Criminal Law)
Description: A somewhat slim-looking man with a stern, albeit relaxed poise. Marlowe has a handsome face and a certain gravitational aura, but his temperament is low-key.


Marlowe is a former NYPD cop. He was ostracized from the police force when Phillip took the stand against fellow officers during a corruption case. He left the Big Apple in pursuit of a far-away job-offer — one that paid considerably more than his former dead-end gig. He met the ex-marshal on his way to Los Angeles, one Mason Graves. The two met by no coincidence, as both were moving to L.A. for the same investigative position. A stop at Lancaster Ranch on their way to the City of Angels put Marlowe and Graves’ sanity to the test. The two experienced many strange occurrences at the ranch, leaving their psyche’s scarred and their voices at a true loss for words. Marlowe arrived in L.A. with Graves two days late, despite the events at Lancaster Ranch seeming to be a blur or a truly terrifying manipulation of time.

Marlowe was set up an apartment by his new boss, Michael Feare. He currently works for Feare and constantly has to deal with his painful and horrendous memories.

Personality and skill

Marlowe is quick-witted and charming, cool and collected. He does his best to proceed with cases from a general by-the-book method. Marlowe doesn’t seem to be a rigid type of person, it’s just that his investigative instinct and protocol comes quite naturally. He is adept at working on the street-level, and despite his youth, Philip shows the investigative prowess of a man who’s been on the job for three times as long as he has. Marlowe also attracts a noticeable amount of attention from the opposite sex, but it’s obvious that Marlowe doesn’t often feel the need to give them the same warm affirmation back.

List of Contacts

Clare and Sara
Louie Weston

Philip Marlowe

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