Luther O'Malley

The brain of the O'Malley family gang in L.A.


The leader of the O’Malley Boys. A well-dressed and well-spoken man who sees his work as a business and treats it as such.

$10,000 deal

Luther and Tom would break into Feare’s office on September 24, 1935. Tom’s left ear was heavily bandaged over and he was visibly fuming. It was revealed by Luther that Tom’s ear was cut off in retaliation for him providing subpar prostitutes to their dangerous German human trafficking customer (who was not named).

Luther would offer a very steep $10,000 deal with Feare and his detectives if they would provide security and help smuggle them out of L.A.. Feare accepted and he and his detectives drove the O’Malley brothers to John McKenzie’s loft. Luther was unintentionally killed when John McKenzie assaulted him after the group ate the meal that Philip Marlowe picked up (after Marlowe gathered up Alice Feare and Tracy King and put them up in a hotel in Hollywood. This was done to prevent them from being harmed by the ripple effect of the attempted disposal of the O’Malley brothers).

Luther and his brother Tom were later dismembered and subsequently disposed of by “Harvey”, Feare’s silent fixer.

Luther O'Malley

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