Lawrence Tamlin


The agency’s lawyer. Without him, Feare would most likely be staring at the inside of a jail cell. He is the man to call if you need legal advice and the limits of what the law allows you to do. He is paid by his clients very well every year, but his price is unanimously worth it.

“Cindy” case involvement

Tamlin was called upon by Michael Feare after he was arrested in light of the death of Heinrich Hersteller. Tamlin arrived at the LAPD’s headquarters punctually, where Feare was held in an interrogation room by James “Two Gun” Davis. Before Tamlin could give any actual legal advice or work, Davis subtly expressed anxiety over the Asylum’s operation going unnoticed for so long. Feare was able to strike a deal with Davis that effectively dropped all charges should Michael destroy all traces of his agency’s involvement with the Asylum operation. The two agreed on the shady cover-up and Michael’s involvement in Hersteller’s death was subsequently reported as justified self-defense in reaction to robbery. Hersteller’s corpse would be disposed outside of the law and his name would not be written in the report, thus just about ending Tamlin’s involvement in the whole ordeal. Michael Feare would be released the next day.

Lawrence Tamlin

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