John "Shotgun Johnny" McKenzie

A detective with thick skin and skull who discreetly harbors fathomless turmoil


Core Attributes

STR: d8
AGI: d4
VIG: d10
INT: d4
WIS: d6
CHA: d4
SPI: d8

Derived Characteristics

Corruption: -0
Notoriety: +6
Pace: 6 paces
Parry: 5
Sanity: 6
Toughness: 7


Athletics (STR) d4-2 Inept
Driving (AGI) d4-2 Inept
Fighting (AGI) d6 Efficient
Guts (SPI) d6 Efficient
Heal (WIS) d4-2 Inept
Insight (WIS) d6 Efficient
Intimidate (SPI) d8 Professional
Manipulation (AGI) d4-2 Inept
Navigate (WIS) d4-2 Inept
Perception (WIS) d68 Efficient
Persuade (CHA) d4-2 Inept
Repair (INT) d4-2 Inept
Research (INT) d4 Fair
Shooting (AGI) d8 Professional
Stealth (AGI) d4-2 Inept
Streetwise (WIS) d6 Efficient
Taunt (INT) d4 Fair

Specialties and Defining Interests

Firearms +2
Forensics +2

Hindrances and Edges


  • Addiction (minor)- Not saying John’s and Alcy, but he needs a stiff one now and then you know?
  • Score to settle (major)- See “vengeful”.


  • Taking it Personal- John puts his heart and soul into his cases and sometimes even his health. When John forgoes sleep to work on a case, he receives +1 Research and +1 Intimidate. These bonuses apply only after an all-nighter. And in John’s case, fatigue penalties never apply to Research and Intimidate.

Experience Progression

Gumshoe: Starting edge


Gender: Male
Dependents: Divorced to one Katie Hathaway (Resides Chicago Illinois)
Age: 32 (DOB: March 1, 1902)
Origin: Born of Kintail Scotland. Raised from age 8 in Chicago Illinois.
Current Residence: 7734 Jefferson Avenue, Hawthorne, Los Angeles, California
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 180
Profession: Detective for ‘Feare Observational Services’
Religion: Non-religious (parent’s are divout Catholics)
Education: West-wood college Chicago Illinois BA in Criminal Investigations.
Work history: 1920-1925 worked investigations in Chicago Illinois Until discharged for unknown reasons.
Details: Misogynistic and self-destructing, John Puts everything in when it comes to a case, every single case is personal to him. Often leading to “unlawful actions” when it comes to finding the truth. Often known for keeping the facts to himself while gaining the guilty’s trust. Then when everything lines up John surprises them like a fox waiting in its prays den. this type of behavior has lead him to gain the nick name in detective circles as “The Fox”.
John Has a Thick Scottish accent he dresses nice but as a case goes on he gets rough around the edges. He has tired grey eyes and brown hair. Like many Scots, he’s a bit shorter then average and looks of a man generally weathered by life.

“Deductive reasoning is a sword forged to cut through forked tongues.”

Mc kenzie scotland
Family: Mother Lilian and father Conner MacKenzie live in Kintail Scotland.
Brother Donnie MacKenzie died in 1925 in Chicago is buried in Scotland.
Younger sister Emily lives in Kintail Scotland with her husband Greg Kingston.

300px webley img 6789
Firearm: Webley Mk VI Revolver given to him by his brother a ww1 veteran with the Scottish Army intelligence. He Swears by the gun and will down talk other handguns to death.

The Webley MK VI is a Breach loading revolver firing a .455 cal round it was the service pistol for UK during WW1. when opening the breach the weapon ejects the spent casings automatically. It is often loaded with moon clips.

(John’s Winchester shotgun next to Philip Marlowe’s M1911 for scale)
After Saving three police officers lives during a shootout the LA time’s gave him a Winchester Trench gun to pose with on the front cover. They coined the nickname Shotgun John even though he use one of the assailants Thompson during the shoot out and not a Shotgun. Non-the-less John accepted the shotgun and immediately went to work sawing it down to a nice concealable size.
The Winchester shotgun is a 12 gauge pump action shot gun holding 8 rounds in its internal magazine.

A0383 mid
Taken of a dead mook’s body during the office shoot out this Thompson has now become one of john’s Prized possession’s.
The Thompson is a .45 Acp submachinegun johns model has a 50 round detachable drum magazine

Car: Ford Model T Bought it used after a case three years ago from an Informant after wrapping a case up and getting a bit of a bonus. It has a compartment under the steering wheel that holds and conceals a spare S&W Snubbed nosed Revolver.

Mpw 62274
Dysfunction: John has deep-rooted emotional issues regarding his past and it’s part of his obsession with his work; it’s why he smoke’s three packs of cigarettes a day. While he is not a raging alcoholic, drinking before bed is the only way he can sleep at night. If John doesn’t drink, he suffers from severe insomnia. His divorce seeded an underlying antipathy in regards to women. He is good about keeping this issue separate from work, but nonetheless his general mistrust of women leaves him alone at night. John is also highly paranoid about his living space being invaded, as evident by the rather lethal traps he has arranged in his loft to deter breaking and entering.

Despite all of this, John feels empathetic for the victims (despite of their gender) in cases he works. Thus, he brings it upon himself to make things right so that the victims get that closure the he feels he has never had.

John also withholds a morbid past that he hasn’t revealed to anyone…

Lotsoffreespace 1428
Living conditions: John lives in a loft of an old warehouse it has a bed, shitter, bookcase and a chest full of clothes and that’s about it. His loft is also trapped.

List of Contacts:

Francisco Rossi
Paul Newcase
Bobby Haligan

John "Shotgun Johnny" McKenzie

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