Heinrich Hersteller

Local mastermind of the inhumane medical experiments at the abandoned asylum


Medical Professor at U.C.L.A that the agency was led to by Bryce. He has been teaching at U.C.L.A for 3 years. He met with John and Michael in his office, and examined the file Philip stole from the morgue. He was able to give some clues about the killer.

“Cindy” Case involvement

Hersteller was revealed to have been the local mastermind of the Asylum’s unethical experimentation operation when his wife Meredith was found at the Asylum (revealed to be the original “Cindy” who gave Feare’s detectives the actual case).


Hersteller found Michael and Alice Feare’s address and showed up at their apartment uninvited on Sept. 26, 1935. Alice, assuming he was contact of the agency (originally he was), let him in on terms of discussing business with Michael when he returned home. When Michael arrived, she ushered him in unknowingly to a man who intended to kill her husband. After Michael realized who the man was that was invited into his home, Hersteller beckoned him to excuse Alice to leave to fetch more liquor. Michael abided and Alice left under this innocent pretense.

After Alice could be heard driving away, Hersteller calmly disarmed Feare of his exposed Luger P08, and brandished his own Luger 9mm pistol as a promise of death. Hersteller placed Michael’s gun on the coffee table away from Feare, and then sat across from him on Feare’s other couch. Hersteller then requested Michael to return his wife to him, seemingly not knowing that she was already deceased and her body was in the process of visceral disposal at the hands of “Harvey” back at Feare’s office. Hersteller forced Michael to answer the phone after he mentioned he would be receiving a call. When Michael answered, a man speaking in German buzzed over the line. The man then revealed that Hersteller’s “tickets are ready”.

After this call, Hersteller insisted that Michael call John McKenzie, so that he could return his wife to him and then flee the country (assumed). Feare complied and called John’s loft. John was at the hospital at the time to visit “Emily”, the compromised human experiment of the Hersteller’s terrible operation. Uneasy, Michael set the phone down and tried to remain composed as Hersteller would decide where their tense meeting would go next. Hersteller then stood up, saying he was going to pour a drink at Michael’s own personal liquor cabinet for them with the remaining alcohol. Hersteller seemed to overlook that the idle shoulder holster that contained Feare’s own Luger P08 was not too far from Michael, nor that it could be easily drawn and ready to fire.

At this point, Michael attempted to stealthily grab and unholster the weapon so that he could capitalize on an unwary Hersteller. Michael had recently been keeping his pistol’s chamber loaded with a round in case such an occasion would arise for him to have to use the weapon quickly. Michael made enough noise when reaching for his gun that it startled Hersteller, who immediately dropped the liquor to retrieve his own pistol. The two men were in a contest of speed, and somehow Michael was able to fire first, landing a blow to Hersteller’s torso. Hersteller was able to shoot back, however, his wound caused him to fire inaccurately and without much deliberation. Michael then fired a second shot, which hit Hersteller in the throat and killed him seconds later.

Foreign connection

Hersteller was seemingly involved with a group of germans somewhere in Europe, which he was in communication with. His cigarette case featured an engraved swastika on the inside, suggesting that Hersteller was somehow tied with the Nazi party in Germany.

Heinrich Hersteller

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