An unreadable fixer who's willing to professionally clean up just about any mess for a high price.


A fixer of few words and fewer morals. He is the man to call if you need a “Clean-up”. When things have gone sour and traces need to be removed, "Harvey"’s services can be purchased for steep prices. However, the man is excellent at his profession and has yet to disappoint. “Harvey” never asks personal questions as long as he is paid for his favors.


“Harvey” has been called upon by Feare for a few various jobs where loose ends needed to be tied and discarded. These jobs include dusting a crime scene after a former Feare detective’s investigative malpractice, the retrieval of an unpermitted firearm of John’s, and disposal of written evidence of conspiracy that was misplaced.

Involvement in the “Cindy” case

On September 24, 1935, “Harvey” was called by Michael Feare at John McKenzie’s loft for a favor to discreetly dispose of the bodies of Luther and Tom O’Malley after they were killed by John. This was the first time “Harvey” had ever disposed of corpses at the request of Michael.

“Harvey” was called upon again by Michael after John McKenzie accidentally killed Meredith “Cindy” Hersteller while she was being detained in Feare’s storage room at the office. “Harvey” accepted yet again a corpse disposal job at the request of Michael. Feare left him the office and $750 dollars for his help in removing both the O’Malley brothers and Meredith’s remains.


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