Meredith "Cindy" Hersteller

The lady of the night who came to the office with a case.


A young, slender, and seductively dressed woman with strawberry blonde hair. However Michael noticed that her hair was probably dyed reddish, and inferred that it might have something to do with fitting into the Irish territory better.Cindy Brought the case to Feare Observational Services out of worry for girls she worked with that have gone missing.

Myrna darby
Meredith as she appeared in the office the first time. She used the name Cindy when she met Michael.

True Identity

Meredith’s deception of the agency was brought to the agency’s attention when she was found at the old asylum. She had a kidnapped woman chained up and John and Phillip took both the women back to the office.


She was inadvertently killed by John McKenzie after she revealed that she knew about his terrible past (that McKenzie has only spoken of to one confidant) when John backhanded her in anger. This strike dislodged a prosthetic tooth capped with cyanide that Meredith had reserved in her mouth (it’s assumed this tooth was in place if she was captured and imprisoned).

Meredith "Cindy" Hersteller

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