Alice Feare

A graceful - but distant - matron with class and wit.


Gender: female
Age: 26 (DOB: October 19, 1908)
Origin: Los Angeles, California
Current Residence: Los Angeles, California
Height: 5’5"
Weight: ???
Profession: Ex-dancer
Religion: Non-religious
Education: some high school
Description: Porcelain skin, thick dark hair, and often wears a steely expression. She usually wears clothing that contrasts her fair skin. She harbors a contradicting air of cold benignancy, with the odd intense smile that’s rarely forced.

Alice Feare (maiden name Ingram) is the wife of Michael Feare.

Background Synopsis

Alice was born in and grew up in L.A.. When she was just a young girl, she displayed a fondness for dancing. Her parents managed to afford Alice dancing classes, and before Alice could graduate high school she was already performing in local theaters in the city. She never completed high school – despite being a quick-learner and having good grades – and instead went on to travel California and perform in various shows. Alice spent several years down this path, before she had to stop touring so frequently due to strain and injury. Her instruction was at times brutal, and she began to hate having little or no downtime.

Alice would then resign with her touring employer and begin performing locally in her hometown again. But she wasn’t able to dance as frequently due to her past injuries, so she ended up working as a hostess at The Voyeur nightclub instead. It was there in 1932 that Alice was introduced to Michael Feare through a mutual friend. Alice became very fond of Michael, and the two began to date and later formed an exclusive relationship. Only ten months later, Alice was married to Michael. She moved into his apartment in central Los Angeles, CA.

Alice kept her job at The Voyeur despite Michael suggesting it was no longer necessary for her to earn a living.

More recently, Alice has been working weekends as Michael has been putting in extra time as necessary. The two see each other for only a few hours each day, and Alice works late into the night as often as Michael does. Alice understands the dichotomy of work and play as well as her husband, but she can’t help but notice how detached their lives are at times. However, this rarely bothers her and she has expressed that her future looks ahead to moving into a nicer home with her husband, and travelling the world once they have enough extra money.

Interests and Abilities

Alice is a former dancer, but she still enjoys seeing shows from time to time. She also taught Michael how to speak the basic amount of Spanish he knows. She likes visiting new places and doesn’t mind when Michael speeds in his roadster.


Alice has one close friend, Margaret. The two work together but they also see each other outside of work frequently enough. Margaret, unlike Alice, is very meek. Alice fears that Margaret will not have the ability to stand-up to and leave her temperamental and abusive boyfriend. Alice never visits their home by choice, but will attempt to pry Margaret out to various venues, subtextually enforcing the idea that there are much better options outside of her domestic issues. Alice does tire of Margaret’s complaints that are coupled with her unwillingness to do anything about them. However, despite being a hostess at a fairly popular club, Alice has a very limited amount of people in her life she can call ‘friends’.

Alice Feare

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