The City of a Thousand Crimes

"Cindy": The Virgin Kill

The Asylum's mastermind plays his final move...

Philip Marlowe and John McKenzie deal with the aftermath of capturing Meredith and rescuing Emily. Harvey is called upon again to dispose of Meredith’s corpse. John McKenzie stays overnight with Emily at the hospital. All the while, Heinrich Hersteller was awaiting Michael Feare in Feare’s own home. As Michael arrived, Alice mentioned that a business guest was waiting for Michael in the living room. When Heinrich revealed himself to be the guest, Feare knew he walked into a death trap, and that he and possibly Alice would be murdered as revenge for capturing Hersteller’s wife, Meredith.

Cold and collected, Hersteller welcomed Feare and suggested that they talk in confidance. Once alone, Hersteller demanded that Feare get Alice to leave the apartment. Feare, not wanting his wife to come to witness his own death, persuaded Alice to leave to buy liquor. The two men sat down in Feare’s living room. Feare was soon disarmed by Hersteller, who placed Michael’s P08 on the coffee table beyond Feare’s reach. Hersteller then demanded that Feare call his detectives and give up Meredith, not knowing that Meredith had bitten her suicide pill and was subsequently dismembered and disposed of. Feare called the office but no one answered, with both Marlowe and McKenzie being off-duty.

Hersteller, irritated that Feare could not immediately arrange Meredith’s release, told Feare to lay off the phone for a time, as he was expecting a call to be wired directly to Feare’s home. The phone soon rang and a voice could be heard over the receiver notifying Hersteller that his flight tickets had been arranged for him. Hersteller pressured Feare to come up with his wife somehow or he would kill him. When Hersteller moved to the liquor cabinet, Feare quickly retrieved his gun from the idle holster and fired the pre-chambered round into Hersteller’s torso. Hersteller managed to draw his own Luger P08 and fire at Feare once, but the bullet strayed. Feare compelled himself to return from cover to fire the killing blow to the sadistic Hersteller, who bled out quickly from the wound. Feare collapsed in his living room in shaken relief, and then reluctantly dialed the police.

Feare would sit in a jail cell that night, until his agency could call upon the evidence to prove Hersteller’s crimes and intentions to kill the investigators. Eventually, Feare was acquitted on the accord of self-defense.

Session date: Oct 2012



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