The City of a Thousand Crimes

"Cindy": The Ten-thousand Dollar Deal

A briefcase full of money would make anyone think twice.

Award ceremony

For their bravery in helping clean the streets of a violent gang, L.A.‘s own mayor Frank Shaw along with the LAPD, rewards Feare’s agency with a plaque and acknowledgement at L.A.’s city hall. The ceremony is grudgingly introduced by Police Chief James “Two Gun” Davis. Michael Feare makes a speech thanking his detectives and the LAPD for their actions (he does not reveal that he avoided the gunfight). Various figures involved are granted pictures with Feare and his agents. Mayor Shaw also grants John McKenzie a special weapons permit that allows him to carry handguns, shotguns, and semi-auto rifles.

Marlowe’s disturbing flashback to Lancaster

Afterwards, the detectives are confronted by the nauseating reporter Ned Thompson (seven time winner of the Reporter of the Year award for the L.A. Times). John Discovers that his nickname “Shotgun Johnny” was coined for the front of the L.A. Times, despite the fact that he never picked up a shotgun when dealing with the O’Malleys. Ned tells John that he came up with the nickname, and wrote the front page article. John, annoyed, lets Feare speak to Ned. Ned gets a picture of the agents, which blinds Marlowe, and sends him into a flashback of Lancaster Ranch. Marlowe begins to appear agitated and then in shock, and McKenzie offers to help. Feare suggests to McKenzie that Marlowe appears ill and needs to see a doctor. McKenzie agrees and leaves the scene with a distraught Marlowe, but takes him to his favorite bar instead.

The ten-thousand dollar deal

Michael Feare returns to his office and finds the O’Malley boys had broken in again. This time, Luther and Tom O’Malley await him inside of his office. Disturbed that the O’Malley brothers again awaited him at his office to kill him in revenge, Feare attempts to compose himself. The O’Malleys don’t seem threatening, though Tom has a bandage wrapped around his head and is fuming in white-knuckle anger. Luther tells Michael to sit down in his office, as he would like to discuss business. This time, Feare is beckoned to sit in his own chair. Luther displays a briefcase, which is soon revealed to hold a large 10,000 dollars. Luther explains the wound on Tom’s head and instructs him to remove the bandage. Tom does so, slowly. He peels the bandage off and reveals a severed ear, still caked with blood and swelling. Luther explains that Tom’s ear was cut off by “The German”.

to be continued

Session date: Oct 2012



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