The City of a Thousand Crimes

"Cindy": The Short Acquaintance

Welcome to Los Angeles.

Play Date 5/10/2012

Philip Marlowe and Mason Graves sit quietly in the office of Feare Observational Services while waiting for a meeting with their possible future employer. The secretary glaces looks up at them in between shuffling paperwork into proper files. Marlowe looks over at Graves, perhaps in attempt to read his feelings on what happened in the desert a few hours ago, but Graves seems stoic on the matter. Marlowe begins to get lost in thought about the matter when the Mr. Feare’s door opens. A large balding man in a nice suits walks out of the door, giving no intention of what the meeting he just had was about. Behind the man now exiting the building was a sharply dress and well groomed relativity young man. The secretary, Tracy, addresses this man as Mr. Feare as she states, " These two men are here about a job offer." Michael welcomes them into his office and offers the two men a seat as he begins the interview process. Michael asks the men about their past, their record, and their idea of their future. During the interview, John arrives back at the office bearing a late breakfast of doughnuts from Howard’s. John notices the men in the office and decides to start his daily badgerment of Tracy early by ill-manneredly inquiring about the business of the two men. She informs him they are the men here for the job Mr. Feare offered them. John nods and continues to annoy Tracy to the point that she sends him away to his office. While the men of the office where preoccupied by these activities, a woman entered the office and talked to Tracy about the help she needed. Tracy quickly went in to inform Michael of the woman and the possibility of a case. Michael peers into the office and quickly wraps up the interview giving both the men the job, telling Tracy to set them up in the larger bullpen office with John, and Michael then beckons the woman into his office. Michael offers her a seat across from him and listens to her story.

The woman says her name is Cindy and ,as Michael had figured, was a woman who’s job would not be smiled upon by polite society. She informs Michael that she was concerned about the safety of some of the other women that work through the night. Most recently, her friend, Carol, that she worked with who was the girlfriend of one of the O’Malley Boys, had a visit from her boyfriend the night before. Cindy overheard the two talking about the disappearances but felt like they noticed her eavesdropping, because Cindy couldn’t understand them anymore. The reason Cindy came was that Carol and her boyfriend were now missing, and even if they skipped town they were still scared by something. She was here to hire Michael to find out what that something is. She offers large payment of two hundred dollars for resolution of the matter. Michael agrees and accepts the job and takes a bit of her personal information as he attempts a few words of comfort. Cindy seems appreciative and then leaves the office. Michael steps out to relay the information to everyone and inform them that they were now on the case.

The detectives begin their investigation by heading over to Howard’s, because they would have to wait to night for night to question the girls on the street and Howard’s is located right next to the area this is happening. Michael figures it would be a good a opportunity to introduce Marlowe and Graves to Big Don, and tells them to come along.

More to come on this session soon…



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