The City of a Thousand Crimes

"Cindy": Doppelganger Corpse

Case "Cindy" starts to stretch her legs.


The detectives gather at the office, and Michael Feare sends Graves, Marlowe, and McKenzie into the Irish turf on a night mission to gather information on the O’Malley gang and their association with the missing prostitutes. Marlowe ends up taking two street-working girls into an apartment room. Their expectation was that the young man was to bed them but instead, Marlowe asked them a series of questions.

John McKenzie and Philip Marlowe later visit the morgue in central L.A. after officer Deggan notifies Michael Feare of a corpse that closely resembles "Cindy"’s description. Louie Weston, the graveyard shift morgue-worker, allows the detectives to see the body of the woman after Marlowe detects the aroma of marijuana in the room. Marlowe suggests that if Weston wishes to keep his job, he’ll let the detectives see the body. Weston abides nervously. The woman is covered in strange symbols that are cut into the body. The corpse doesn’t turn out to be "Cindy"’s, but instead it’s a close look-a-like. McKenzie asks for Weston to show them the medical file on the body. Weston refuses, and then urges both Marlowe and McKenzie to leave. Weston seems worried that the police might find out he let anyone unauthorized inside, let alone to look at one of the morgue’s bodies. The two detectives agree to leave, but before the door swings shut on their exit, Marlowe sneaks back inside of the morgue and steals the medical file while Weston is away.

Session date: May 2012



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