The City of a Thousand Crimes

"Cindy": A Street Paved In Blood

Sitting in the executive's chair doesn't make you the chief.


Tom O’Malley and his cretins break in to Feare’s own office and wait for the detectives to return. Upon their arrival, O’Malley threatens Feare’s detectives for looking into their gang’s business. The O’Malleys leave and unbeknownst to them, Mason Graves has phoned the LAPD a few streets over. The session ends in a gunfight outside of the agency involving the O’Malleys, four police officers, and John McKenzie (who initiated the aggression). The O’Malley gang lay dead in the street, with everything covered in bullet-holes. Tom O’Malley seems to escape in one of the cars they parked outside. McKenzie takes a wounded officer to the Hospital.

Original session date: May 2012.



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